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How Restaupreneurs can leverage the 6 best Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have changed the face of restaurant marketing altogether. Restaupreneurs no longer need to rely on word-of-mouth marketing and can use…
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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

By providing valuable content, Content Marketing helps you to engage with your audience, build relationships, and drive the actions you most desire. While…
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Local Business Online Survival Kit

What you need now to prepare for what's next. This suite of tools includes free e-commerce & communications solutions to help your local…
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Analytics Tools for Web Sites and Social Media

If you can't measure it, why do it?  Below is a list of social media and web site measurement and analytics tools that…
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Social Media Expert with Perfect English Needed!

A social media company in the Philippines has posted this job opening on oDesk (now Upwork).  They forgot the part about "Do as…
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Social Media ROI – Tracking Conversions on Landing Pages

Before starting a Web marketing effort, smart marketers define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  Also known as Key Success Indicators (KSI), these are used to measure…
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