Helping businesses succeed by optimizing their online presence

We provide the digital marketing solutions that smaller businesses need most, when they need it.

My Digital Agents provides reputation management, social media marketing, and local listings management while integrating with third-party applications and services to offer a complete solution for any local business. 

We begin with a plan

You need to know where you are before charting your course forward.  Our Snapshot review of your online presence will reveal what is currently working or not working relative to your competitors or industry averages. Together we then identify which digital marketing efforts will have the most business impact relative to cost.  You don't need to do it all, but you need to do enough to stand out from your competition.

No surprises

We provide complete price transparency with a clear description of what will be provided and the time to deliver. Our online Marketplace publicly displays detailed information about the products and services and their costs. No waiting for a salesperson to come back with a quote.

Full accountability

We set you up with a personalized business app so you can track the tasks as they are completed and the ongoing measurable results for every digital effort. If you can’t measure it, why do it?

Are you tired of breaking in new freelancers?  Freelancers can be very talented but once they deliver their assignment they are no longer accountable for what happens next.   My digital agents are full-time digital marketing experts who collaborate across specialties to provide what you need today and will be there tomorrow for what's next.

David Vinge will be your first point of contact and will always be one phone call, text, or email away to answer questions or discuss your digital marketing performance.

Your digital marketing does not need to be perfect. But you do need to be better than your competition.

Affordable options

Do-it-yourself with our digital marketing software as a service (SaaS). These marketing tools and platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to assist you while keeping costs down.  Ask about our free self-service tools to get you started.

Or if you don't have the time to do it all, let my digital agents do it with you or for you.  Our highly experienced teams of digital specialists provide digital marketing services at highly affordable rates. Learn more about our digital marketing services.

Start planning now

Give us the opportunity to assess where you are today and to provide the tools, expertise, and assistance to help you reach your business objectives.

Request a FREE analysis of your current digital marketing readiness with recommendations for changes to strengthen your online effectiveness.

About David Vinge

Since 1994 I have developed and managed digital marketing for hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses.  In recent years more and more of my time was devoted to helping large companies with multi-million-dollar budgets who measure success over years.

But I reached a point where job satisfaction became more important than building my career on big-budget clients.  I wanted to use my knowledge to help the businesses who need it most, and the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this need.

I now only work on behalf of smaller companies that measure marketing success over weeks and months, not years.  Digital marketing, when properly executed, can have a direct impact on the livelihoods of the business owners and their employees. 

The budgets may be smaller, but for small businesses, the stakes are higher.

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Our Vision

To enable a fair value exchange between businesses and their customers.  Creating trusting relationships where customers receive what they seek while businesses meet their revenue goals.