Digital Advertising Management

Locally targeted advertising, paid search advertising, video advertising, display ads, PPC, PPC remarketing, and social media advertising planned, purchased, and managed by certified professionals.


Run pay-per-click & digital advertising campaigns

Digital advertising is a powerful short-term strategy to achieve results fast. It allows you a high level of targeting, so you can control when you serve the ads and who sees them. It can get you more customers in the door or to your website, which is why you should have it in your portfolio of marketing tools.

Building and optimizing campaigns takes away from the time that could be used to manage your business. My digital agents can work on your behalf, reduce costs, grow your business, and keep your customers happy.

Run smarter ad campaigns

With digital advertising, you also have the power to use precise targeting to reach your ideal audience. Digital ads can be directed to certain demographics, consumers searching for a specific solution, your competitors’ customers, and more!

Digital ads target these consumers where and when it matters most— it could be while they are mobile and searching nearby or at their desk researching options for a trip or a service or products to purchase online. Times and places when customers actually want to find you and engage with your business.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a form of digital advertising in which the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on one of their ads. It’s the modern way to track campaign efficiency and scale your advertising efforts. With impressions and conversions directly related to ad engagement, PPC can become an integral part of proving ROI and better utilizing ad spend.

Monitor campaign performance in real-time 

Managing advertising campaigns can be challenging, especially when you have advertising on multiple media properties. With Advertising Intelligence, it’s easy to see how many people your ads have reached, and how many have chosen to engage with them. With ad performance right in front of you in a single location, you can instantly determine what is and isn’t working and make improvements until you’re happy with the results.

Read more about how Advertising Intelligence can ensure your campaigns are operating at their full potential - regardless of who is actually placing the advertising.

Google Ads for very small businesses

Automated text-based Google Ads for businesses with smaller budgets.

Designed specifically to help businesses with smaller budgets, we use an automated platform that is built to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any small business to create a perpetual stream of new customers from Google Ads. Now, regardless of budget size, you can compete with the big guys for that next new customer - inside your service area.

How do Google Ads work?

When advertising with Google Ads you only pay when people click on your ads (this means that views of your ads are free) The cost per click (CPC) changes constantly due to competition, size of market, time of the day/month/year, and different keywords. This makes ad optimization time consuming and difficult - and essencial.

Guaranteed Google traffic for all size budgets

By automating the process we take out the expense of my digital agents doing research, analysis, creative development, and campaign management.   Yes, our team could make your campaign even more effective but for small budgets, the added overhead isn't justified.

With your help we are able to put more of your money into generating clicks and driving revenue.


We save you time by dynamically generating the text based ads using copy from your website, along with the focus keyword term, business name, and location. Our automated platform uses artificial intelligence to generate a variety of ads based on these factors. You can preview and customize these easily within the dashboard before the campaign is triggered.

Our Digital Advertising Services

My Digital Agents provide fully managed digital advertising services for each of these channels. Follow the links to learn more about what included in each.

Google & Bing
Search Advertising

Paid search ads are served to potential customers exactly when they are searching for your business location, services, or products. Your ads will only show up when relevant keywords are searched on Google or Bing

Facebook & Instagram Social Advertising

Social media advertising strengthens your social media presence, finds more customers, and drives conversions. Ads can be highly targeted based on city, state, education, relationship status, life events, and more.

Video Advertising

Target potential customers based on location, demographics, interests, keywords, channels, and more who are seeking information and willing to interact with a rich audio and visual experience.


While search ads are text-based, display ads are visually appealing banners that incorporate your brand and appear across websites being viewed by your target audience based on interests, demographics, location, keywords, competitors, and browsing behavior.

Local Advertising

With LocalAds we combine multiple tactics into one powerful campaign to hyper-target your ideal audience anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic Dealership Advertising

Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads inserts viewed vehicles into targeted ads for users with shown intent to buy a new vehicle. When clicked on, our dynamic ads take Facebook users to the dealer’s vehicle page.

How Our Digital Advertising Services Work

Before ordering digital advertising for the first time be sure to reach out to us to discuss your goals and challenges so that we can help direct you to the proper digital advertising solution. 

Order Digital Services

Place an order for a new campaign using our platform. You will need to fill out a form with additional information such as budget, audience, and goals.

Setup Campaign

Our digital marketing team will begin to work on your campaign. We will do keyword research, create the tracking code, and audit the campaign.


We will consistently monitor your campaign performance and make optimizations to increase your return on investment.


You will have access to proof-of-performance reports on your business app.  Results will also be summarized in a monthly Executive Report. Feel free to contact us when you have any questions.

Not sure where to begin?

Before you begin a journey you need to know where you are.  Our Snapshot Report provides a full assessment of your current online presence with recommendations of your marketing needs. Request a free analysis of your online presence.