Website Design, Development & Hosting

Without a robust website, you are losing potential customers.

We provide the means for you to build your own website, or you can have our experienced team of web designers and developers transform your vision into reality.

Web Development Services

Build a fast, secure, and beautifully designed website

My Website Pro is a complete website solution.  It includes managed WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud Platform and has an easy-to-use website builder that gives you the power to build a robust and scalable website by yourself. Or if you don't have the time or expertise, have my digital agents work with you or build it for you!

You don't need to be a design expert to expertly master this creation and customization process. Within our platform, you will find a set of beautiful and professional, vertical-specific website templates that come with WooCommerce plugins already installed to simplify the design process.  Plus, to make DIY even easier, our templates utilize Elegant Themes Divi Builder, an advanced visual builder that makes designing websites a breeze—no coding necessary.

Easy Content Management 

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powers over 54% of the top 1,000 websites on the internet. Combined with Divi Builder, the most advanced WordPress page builder, Website Pro websites are highly customizable and easy to edit.

World-class Hosting

Google Cloud Platform automated storage, speed, and security you can rely on. Never deal with another server catastrophe again—gain peace of mind knowing your site is hosted with the most trusted source on the internet.

E-commerce Ready

There has never been a better time for local businesses to offer online shopping experiences. Most of our templates come with WooCommerce pre-installed, you just need to add products and services to start selling.

My Website Pro allows you to:

  • Design and develop beautiful WordPress websites
  • Create websites in minutes with custom templates
  •   Import an existing website
  •   Track performance on your reporting dashboard
  •   Access WordPress Dashboard, PHPMyAdmin and SFTP
  •   Test your website in a staging area
  •   Push sites to production with one click
  •   Backup and restore previous versions
Key Features:
  •   World-class security with the Google Cloud platform
  •   SEO-friendly website
  •   E-commerce ready templates
  •   Free subdomain or easily connect your own
  •   Free SSL certificates
  •   Free Google CDN
  •   Automatic daily backups or manual as needed
  •   One-click website setup
  • ✓  Accessibility compliant
  • ✓  Built-in reporting
Technical Specifications
Unlimited pageviews— we don’t penalize you for being successful
Unlimited visitors
Unmetered SSD storage ― ZFS file server running on Google infrastructure
Unmetered Database storage ― hosted on Google’s CloudSQL fully managed service with databases isolated for each site
Unmetered server bandwidth
Unlimited free migrations ― Import your existing sites with any migration plugin or let us import it for you.
Automatic daily backups ― restore anytime in one-click
HTTP/2 support
Free SSL with Let's Encrypt
PHP 7 ― the most recent version of PHP and PHP packages
NGINX ― It's designed to be faster and more scalable than, the traditionally used, Apache.
Docker Containers ― WSP hosts your websites in Docker Containers built with the most recent version of Alpine Linux and system tools ― together, this makes one awesome container that is hyper-secure, simple, and efficient.
Kubernetes ― manages, deploys, and scales the Docker Containers.
Google Container Engine ― manages Kubernetes to keeps the servers secure and automatically scales, repairs, and upgrades the server.
Strong Firewall ― only open the exact ports we need, only allow HTTPS traffic to our sites, Google blocks bot-net IP addresses
Free subdomain ― a free URL,, to view progress before launch
phpMyAdmin Access ― manage database without depending on WordPress
SFTP Access ― manage your website file system directly
Automatic core updates ― Website Pro handles all minor WordPress core updates for you.
Backup tools ― Website Pro highlights all changes since your last backup, making it easier than ever to identify what was updated, added, or removed.
Malware scanning ― Powered by Sucuri, the leader in website security, Website Pro monitors every site around the clock for malicious hackers and security breaches.

Fully integrated to drive engagement

Harness the power of our state of our art digital marketing platform for a complete website solution.  One login to your personalized business app provides you access to the website builder, built-in reporting and dozens of complementary and subscription digital marketing products. From one platform you can manage your website, business listings, reviews, social media, digital advertising, email marketing and more.

My Website Pro for only $35 per month!

Not ready to do this on your own? Let my digital agents launch your website

Would you like professional help for building your website?  Have our team of experienced website designers, writers, and developers work for you, on your terms, so you can concentrate on what you do best, running the business. Together we will build you a website that represents your brand and helps you promote your business.

Send us a note or schedule a free consultation with David Vinge.

We start with Website Pro and build to your specifications and branding.  My digital agents consult with you on strategy and our writers help with copy.  From landing pages to e-commerce, we have a proven process to make your website look great, load fast, and get found.

My Website 
Landing Page

We'll build a mobile-friendly landing page to help you maximize conversions on your website.

$225.00 One Time

Support is optional

My Website 
Up to 3 Pages

We'll build a WordPress website with up to 3 pages plus 12 months of support and maintenance included.

$899.00 One Time

+ $40.00 Monthly

My Website 
Up to 5 Pages

We'll build a WordPress website with up to 5 pages plus 12 months of support and maintenance included.

$1,399.00 One Time

+ $40.00 Monthly

My Website 
Up to 10 Pages

We'll build a WordPress website with up to 10 pages plus 12 months of support and maintenance included.

$2,099.00 One Time

+ $40.00 Monthly

See a feature comparison of the website packages with additional details.

Process Overview

The following shows the general makeup of our website development workflow. However, we've developed many websites before where the hardest part about building a site is gathering the copy and images before we can move onto the next steps.

Your website build timeline begins once the form is received, vetted, and approved by our website team to ensure we have all the required information.   If some of the information on the form is missing, the website team will reach out and request any missing information needed to begin the website build.

Complete Specifications Form

A fillable pdf form that will act as the single source of communication for any details and information on the website.

Review Publication Mockup

We will create your website with your chosen color scheme, logo, text, and images—and set it live within 5, 7, or 10 business days depending on how many pages were ordered.

Request Revisions
to Mockup

We allow one round of revisions after your Publication Mockup.


Your site is now complete and has launched! Mission accomplished!

What can be customized?

The websites start with your chosen template and the following customizations are all included at no additional cost:

  • Fonts and Colors
  • Media (Images, videos, icons)
  • Text
  • Contact form fields and settings
  • Reorganization or duplication of existing sections

Additional customizations are available.

Time to Completion

Once the specification, logo, color scheme, copy and images are all received, it should take about:

  • 5-7 business days to build a 3-page website
  • 7-10 business days for a 5-page website
  • 10-12 business days for a 10-page website
Note that website add-ons will require additional days. For example, adding a page can require 3 additional days and adding IDX can require 6 business days.

My Website - Specifications

My digital agents will build a powerful website to your specifications using Website Pro on the Google Cloud Platform.
Features in addition to Website Pro Website up to 3 pages Website up to 5 pages Website up to 10 pages
Website based on a template (1)
Search engine friendly website
ADA pursuant
SSL certification
Standard plugins
Additional approved plugins (2) 3 4 5
Website copy assistance (3) Up to 500 words Up to 1000 words Up to 2000 words
Website images (4) Up to 15 Up to 25 Up to 50
For e-commerce websites
Product uploads 5 15 25
Flat rate shipping
Payment processing setup for PayPal, Stripe, or Square
Monthly maintenance includes
Text changes to existing content Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Changes to existing images 15 25 50


(1) Check out our 180+ template options at Custom designs are available.

(2) Please note: Any premium plugins required will be purchased and set up by you and credentials provided to us for implementation to the site.  We only handle plugin integration on the website.

(3) Repurposed available content found online or sent to our content writers.  Custom website copy available.

(4) We recommend using professional images of the business, products, and services to create a more personalized website. We can provide stock images when requested. We source our stock imagery from If you would like to use stock imagery, please provide image IDs.  For any icons, please use

Note that specifications and costs were accurate as of July 1, 2021, and are subject to change. See the Marketplace for up-to-date details.