Why do Posts Disappear From Your Google Business Profile?

If they violate Google’s posting policy, Google will remove posts from your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Common violations of the policy include postings that include one or more of the following:

    1. Including phone numbers is called “phone stuffing.” Note that you can turn on a “Call Now” button.
    2. Content not directly relevant to the business. Your content should help the visitor better understand your business.
    3. Inappropriate content. Content should be positive about your business and not negative about an individual, business, or group.
    4. Misrepresentation & misleading claims about your identity or any other person, business, or group. Or posts that omit or obfuscate how your company does business.
    5. Content related to regulated products and services (alcohol, tobacco, gambling, financial services, pharmaceuticals, health, etc.).
    6. Content related to the sale of dangerous or illegal products, services, or activities (fireworks, recreational drugs, weapons, etc.).
    7. Child exploitation.
    8. Terrorist content.

Note that Hotels have additional restrictions. Visit Google to view their full Business Profile posts content policy.

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