Google’s New List of “Generic” TLDs

Google has clarified how they treat generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in search results.  These newer domains are treated like any other gTLD such as .com and .net.
By default, most country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) will be used by Google to geotarget the website; it tells us that the website is probably more relevant in the appropriate country.  But the new region or city TLDs (like .london) are handled like a gTLD which is consistent with how Google handles .eu and .asia.
If you have a site impacted by ccTLDs, you can update your geolocation preferences right in Webmaster Tools. This can be set up for any site in Google Webmaster Tools for specific geographic targets by the following steps:
  • On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want.
  • Under Site configuration, click Settings.
  • In the Geographic target section, select the option you want.
  • If you want to ensure that your site isn’t associated with any country or region, select Unlisted.
Here is the complete list of the new ccTLDs and rTLDs.
The new list of Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs):
There are two Regional top level domains (rTLDs) Google is considering generic:
Finally, these country codes are the generic country code top-level domains (gccTLDs):

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