Conversion – It’s What Happens After The Click That Matters

Web marketing doesn’t end once a visitor clicks through to your site.  That is just the beginning. What happens after the click will determine if your web marketing efforts are successful. So what exactly is post-click marketing and how can you leverage it in your search marketing program?

The chart below illustrates the different factors at work in conversion optimization.

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The simplest definition of post-click marketing is this: it’s how you engage with respondents after they click on your ads.

Of course, since the entire customer life cycle happens after the click, post-click marketing is usually narrowed to mean the experience a respondent has between click and conversion—particularly an experience tailored to a specific ad and/or a specific group of respondents, rather than general site optimization. (Lead nurturing and re-marketing campaigns are good too, but they’re further down the funnel—call them post-conversion marketing.)

Confused, check out the full article, Post-Click Marketing For Search Marketers, in the Analytic & Conversion Column on Search Engine Land.

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